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Dome construction

This project is concerning my new home-made dome, the target was to realize a 3mt dome diameter computer remoted for opening-closing shutters and left and right motion.

At first step i've studied and developed dome control.

Then I've projected dome structure on dome control system requirements. At the end I've made it.

The first study was intended to find a simple computer-engine interface to be realized. The engines i choose was 12V and I found an interesting project interface made for them from Antonio Giuliana.

This project consist in the control of 8 12V relays via computer parallel port. Parallel port is controlled via a simple software made in Visual Basic.

The all pocket provides all interface schemes plus software needed. At this time, with my friend Filippo Ciferri, We are developing a software that will be able to automatically guide the dome on what scope is pointing.


The good dimension of dome has driven me to choose quite 12V powered engine, So i found very usefull the screen-wiper engine, due to his high power and low cost (if used)

After that i started to work at the dome structure. I've considered a quite heavy structure due tp the windy place where dome will be located. So I've thought to made a "circular shape" with a wood structure covered with resin polyester. To be placed to his location the dome was divided in three parts: two lateral caps and one wrap center them over which the system of sliding of the doors will be fixed. These three parts will come joined in correspondence of two very visible main bands in the below figure .


" The plate " structure concurs to avoid the realization of curves , favoring the material saving.

These are some stages of the realization .

At the beginning I have designed on the pavement the reference circumference and I have begun to realize the base and the main bands.


Therefore I have applied the ribs

then externally and inner I have applied the plywood , and in means I have inserted termo-insulators panels.

This is the dome photo's still lacking the doors and base for the spin .

The spin system is constituted from a chassis in iron with of the bearing wheels , the dome comes supported over this structure and made to turn with a pinion that acts on one home made rack , fixed to the dome base.

Here you can see the dome with doors applied on.



Waterproofing has been obtained applying of the glass-fiber with resin polyester.

The treatment of paint job has been carried out with polyester plaster and then with poliuretanic varnish.

Once finished the paint job , pieces have been hoist on the terrace , with the aid of some friends much available.


After the demolition of the old Dome, it has been installed the iron ring containing wheels and the anchorage system.

Then Dome has been installed.